Key Duplication

Sometimes you need multiple copies of a single key. Maybe multiple people live in your home, or you just want to have an emergency backup key. Whatever reason you have for getting a copy of a key, they are all valid reasons to seek out our key duplication services at Emergency Locksmith Service.

What Is Key Duplication?

You’re probably wondering, “What is key duplication anyway?” Key duplication, as the name indicates, is the process of making a copy of an already existing key. This service is provided for all kinds of keys, including house and car keys. The duplication is performed with a machine with the original key and a blank key.


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How Does A Key Duplication Machine Work?

As stated before, key duplication uses a key duplicator to cut new keys. While there are many varieties of these machines, they all share the same basic functions. First, the original key is placed on one side of the machine that traces out its shape. On the other side, you have the blank key being carved by the alignment tool. This tool cuts out the correct shape for the copy based on the information from the tracer. After the copy is made, it will be sanded and smoothed out, ready for use.

Understandably, you might think that it would make more sense to use a self-service key duplication kiosk rather than hire a locksmith. However, these machines aren’t as reliable as they can either not work properly or fail to make accurate copies. Hiring a locksmith to do this job will be more likely to result in a proper copy of the key in question.

The Best Emergency Key Duplication Service Near You

If you’re going out of town on short notice and need someone to watch your home, an emergency key duplication service can be exactly what you need. The good news is that most locksmiths have 24/7 availability, and that includes our Emergency Locksmith Service team. With our help, you can get the key duplicates you need without wasting another moment.


Can you duplicate a key without the original?

If you’ve lost track of the original key, a locksmith can still create a duplicate. They will usually use lock impression tools to get a sense of the key’s shape and use that to create the copy. Make sure you have proof that the lock and key in question are yours so that you can receive this service.

Can you use a copy of a key to make another duplicate?

On paper, using an already existing copy of the original key for the duplicate template seems straightforward. However, there are subtle differences when a copy is made of the original key. As a result, a copy of the key might not work as well and easily deteriorate. In short, you’re better off using the original key as a template for the duplicator or having the locksmith use a lock impression to create a copy.

How long does it take to duplicate a key?

The good news is that it doesn’t take very long to duplicate a key. Depending on the type of key, the process can take as little as five minutes or up to thirty minutes.

Is car key duplication possible?

Yes, car key duplication is possible. Of course, duplicating a transponder key requires specialized tools and technology, so the type of duplicator machine used might be different than that of a typical duplicator for keys used in residential and commercial spaces. Luckily, our locksmiths at Emergency Locksmith Service provide duplication services for car keys in addition to traditional keys used for buildings.

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