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Homes aren’t the only places that require security. Schools, hospitals, stores, and lots of other places of recreation and business need to stay safe. The worst thing that can happen is that you could get locked out of these places, or that an intruder could break into them. To stay on top of the safety of your commercial property, check out our commercial locksmith services at Emergency Locksmith Service.


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Lockout Services

If you’re the manager of a commercial property, you’re usually the first to arrive on-site to open things up for the day. However, one morning, you arrive and realize that you don’t have the keys, and there’s no time to turn around and retrieve them from home. That’s where our Emergency Locksmith Service team comes in to help. All you need to do is call our 24/7 service, and we will send one of our locksmiths to ensure you can easily enter your place of work. If you aren’t able to locate the missing keys, you can also have us rekey or change locks to prevent any break-ins.

Master Key Systems

One of the most convenient ways of ensuring all employees can easily and securely access a commercial property is with a master key system. This system involves employees being able to access any number of areas with just one key, depending on their level of authorization. For example, a manager might have a key that allows them to enter all parts of a commercial property, while an employee’s key might give them access to their office and maybe one or two other rooms. If you work in a school, a master key system is a great way to ensure that teachers and facilities managers are able to access the appropriate parts of campus. This system will allow you to keep track of key distribution and access among your employees.

Security System Upgrades

Are the security cameras in your storefront out of date? Are the locks not as strong as they used to be? Do you wish you could keep an eye on your store from afar? With help from our Emergency Locksmith Service team, you can update your security system to keep your workplace safe.

These security system upgrades aren’t even limited to cameras and locks. Consider investing in access control keypads or biometric security technology. That way, you and your employees will need to know a specific code to come and go, and intruders will have a more difficult time breaking into your commercial property. Our team will help you research and determine which security system upgrades, whether it’s an access control system or biometric lock installation, will bring you the most long-term security benefits.

Emergency And Panic Hardware

Finally, when it comes to safety, it’s also important for your commercial property to have ways to allow you to safely exit in case of an emergency. For this reason, you need to ensure your business has all the right panic hardware, like push bars. If you work in a large office or building, push bars are especially important for preventing injury and harm during an en masse emergency exit situation. With our help, you can determine what local codes say about panic hardware requirements for your property, and we will help you install them in all the right places.


What other services are provided by a commercial locksmith?

Aside from lockout services, master key and panic hardware installations, and security system upgrades, our commercial locksmiths also upgrade and install door hardware, restore locks, and install safes.

When are commercial locksmith services available?

Our commercial locksmith services can be reached on a 24/7 basis.

What is a biometric lock?

A biometric lock system uses a person’s physical characteristics to determine whether or not they have authorization to enter or access a place. Fingerprint, iris scanners, and even voice recognition are just three examples of biometric lock systems used in commercial properties.

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